Festival Gala

4th October, 2017 | @South Bank Center


This will be a rich and eclectic coming together of India and UK through dance and music, which characterise each country’s cultural legacy, showcased in seamless fusion.


The programme will be a mesmerising line-up of artistes from both countries performing in perfect synergy leading up to a swashbuckling finale.

A wide range of the performing arts

Highlight the flavour of collaboration

The show will offer a wide range of the performing arts and highlight the flavour of collaboration: the heady beats of the earthy and indigenous Gotipua, Pung Cholom, Sattriya dancers will light up the stage while London-based Kuchipudi dancer Arunima Kumar and musician Samik Dutta, among many other acclaimed performers from both countries, will all come together in meaningful artistic partnerships.

Best travel expierience I've ever had. Wanted something unique and I got exactly that. Excellent!

John K. Riley

British opera soprano Patricia Rozario will regale with her renditions and, as the tempo builds, music conductor Sharat Chandra Srivastava will orchestrate a grand foot-stomping finale.

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